E-commerce is one of the hottest issues in business today due to its ability to better manage knowledge assets, create instant organization and build network alliances. As E-commerce Internet projects are becoming more sophisticated and complex, the result has ignited a need for skilled of programmers, designers, and business strategists.

Knowtica provides the expertise necessary to set up and maintain an organizations E-commerce Internet link, intranet, or extranet by creating an interactive venue through the institution of comprehensive easy to use electronic commerce solutions.

Knowtica additionally provides organizations rapid implementation and reliability on all E-commerce projects by building cost-effective company wide intranets. These "little Internets" essentially connect most or all computers within an organization; and access is often limited to employee’s and a select group of clients.

Knowtica enhances the user experience by streamlining electronic marketing and communication by reducing transaction costs and boosting customer satisfaction. Knowtica supports Internet based relationships, with E-commerce solutions that distribute and share information quickly, easily, cheaply and reliably. In this manner work groups, satellite offices, distributors, suppliers and customers worldwide operate more effectively and efficiently.