The rapid evolution of the Internet (which has emerged as a mainstream computer platform), continues to transform the business landscape. Internet commerce is expected to be a $1 trillion market by 2003, according to International Data Corp. (IDC), a Framingham, Massachusetts-based market research firm. The number of users making purchases on the Internet is estimated to grow from 31 million in 1998 to 183 million by 2003.

Knowtica offers services that assist businesses adapt to change and position themselves to take advantage of the growing market. Knowtica offers web based services which launch, enhance or leverage existing web sites of both large and small organizations, federal agencies, and individuals.

We help users design, implement, and maintain their Internet connections. Our comprehensive services target both application and end users. We focus on maximizing business value through design and performance. We provide a custom, original, aesthetically pleasing representation of the clients vision or company image.

Each site is designing to assist potential customers find what they need. From multiple images to text links, to drop down navigation boxes, to site search engines, we utilize these techniques and more to ensure a logical flow.

Knowtica also offer a full range of applications from electronic mail to sophisticated real-time distributed processing systems. Our resources are dedicated to building and supporting small or large scale multi-platform networks which require optimal architecture design.

Depending on how one defines the Internet services market, one thing is agreed upon, the Internet is a very large, high-growth market opportunity.