Because networks use a variety of communication protocols (rules) and operating systems many networks suffer from incompatibility and cannot 'talk' directly to one another. Knowtica's customized solutions are instrumental in alleviating this concern. Regardless of if your needs are local or global, our analysts can configure your network to interpret a broad range of software/hardware technology. Our goal is to launch logical, flexible solutions which offer your organization the ability to maximize your network. Our services ultimately allow networks to more efficiently disseminate information in a manner that renders it the limitless resources it was originally designed to be.

Network Strategic Planning and Design

Knowtica's technical team provides thorough needs analysis in order to plan and design beneficial networking applications. Our consultants assists your organization by blending new technologies with the current knowledge base of your organization. In addition basic network infrastructure, such as hardware and topology, are defined in order to offer a proposed solution that addresses issues such as global e-mail systems, internet security and network standards.

Network Implementation

When executing project responsibility, Knowtica's approach mixes practicality with technical aptitude in order to effectively reach the prescribed goals of planning and installation. Our consultants quantification efforts results in the deployment of user friendly applications that automate, transform and revolutionize group-work. These solutions build smarter systems which empower owners, managers and employees at every level of the organization.

Network Management and Administration

To maintain a superior position of network performance our integration consultants establish baselines to measure reliability and performance. By regularly monitoring performance and benchmarking it against industry standards, existing networks can be easily and cost efficiently enhanced to meet the ever changing needs technology demands.

Network Review

There can be many reason why an existing network doesn't meet current requirements, such as changing business objectives or the desire to take advantage of continuously evolving technologies. Knowtica's network integration consultants maintain close contact with your organization in order to maximize work force productivity and remain sensitive and responsive to your needs. We believe that technical qualifications as well as inter-personal working skills are equally important in providing superior consulting services.