Most managers have an idea of what they want in an information system, but they do not know exactly how that system should function. This is a common problem when it comes to developing information systems.

Often times the result of this indecision is incomplete and/or inaccurate user specifications. These problems ultimately impact both a company's time and financial resources negatively. To circumvent this common problem, KNOWTICA utilizes a pre-specification approach when launching any of its customized products.

Analyze the current systems
Identify information needs
Develop a prototype model of a proposed application


Knowtica's project team which includes system analysts and programmers first work with end users to target precise system requirements. The result is a prototypical system which features logical information flow, recognition and comprehension of data. The applications design offers users an actual opportunity to experience how the functional aspects of a proposed system will work, before the system is implemented.

Using the pre-specification approach is additionally cost effective. In the sampling period, user can suggest inexpensive modifications which heightens system operation.

Overall Knowtica's integration of prototypical system provides an alternate vehicle for completing the functional specifications and development methodology.

Knowtica adds a 90 day guarantee after completion of the application to insure customer satisfaction.