Knowtica's Mission Statement

To provide technological assistance in a complex business environment, that heightens competitiveness and satisfies organizational goals.

About Knowtica

We are a technology consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality professional computer services in the industry for business solutions. As the application of technology has evolved into a competitive tool in the global marketplace, we offer competitive expertise in the design and implementation of high performance, multi-protocol, internetworking system environments.

We provide thorough needs analysis, implementation, training, and on-going management of information systems. Our team, both technical and managerial, has the experience and skills to meet the needs and challenges of clients who are leaders in their field. Our focused efforts enable clients to benefit from blending new technologies with the knowledge base of their organization. By cultivating an active, involved and lasting partnership with our clients and consultants, together we deliver outstanding results and long term returns.

We additionally help businesses satisfy their most critical needs. Our services assist in the management of reliable, secure, and accessible company information which is made available to the right people, at the right time. By harnessing the power of technology, we help companies succeed in an ever-changing competitive landscape.

Whether supporting a client's staff or executing project responsibility, our approach blends practicality with technical aptitude in order to efficiently reach the customers goals, of planning, installation and/or technical support.

We additionally maintain close contact with customers to maximize work force productivity and remain sensitive and responsive to each companies needs. We believe that technical qualifications as well as inter-personal working skills are equally important in providing superior consulting services.

Key Technology Issues

Computers have revolutionized the way the world handles information. The development of micro processing technology, which allows the data handling and word-processing functions of computers to fit on a desktop, have made the computer a necessity in the workplace.

Basic computer skills are becoming increasingly crucial for work ranging from highly professional fields to clerical jobs. This fact has led leaders across the political spectrum to mandate the training and instruction of computers in all U.S. schools in order to assure a more computer-literate labor pool.

Increased use of computers in businesses has dramatically changed the competitive landscape, and by extension the way business is conducted. To remain on top of the dynamics of a rapidly advancing technological environment, companies are seeking support from outsourcing agents who supply products and services that are capable of meeting these demands. With the total amount of computing capacity doubling every two years, the trend toward outsourcing technology products and services will continue to grow. The cumulative effects of these changes are altering the basic constructs of society which affects the way we live, learn, work and plan.

It is Knowtica's challenge to harness the power of technology and direct it toward active participating companies whose ultimate services benefit all mankind.

Benefit of Working with Knowtica

Today's decision makers require fast and easy deployment of Information Technology within their organizations existing infrastructure. Knowtica's edge lies in the ability to create applications which offer the ability to extract greater value from company information and translates those facts to every department of every enterprise in every industry.

Knowtica helps businesses plan, define and coordinate the flow of information across the organization. Short-term departmental goals can be aligned with long-range company goals. This helps each department understand their relationship to each other as well as the impact on the entire organization. As a result, everyone across the enterprise is able to make more informed decisions that directly contribute to the bottom line.

As the continuous flow of technological change increases, we form alliances with degreed consultants who stay abreast of the latest technological advances. Our consultants identify the information access solutions which maximize client business opportunities. They additionally offer a complete range of professional services which enable strategic capabilities and increase efficiency in the most cost-effective manner.


Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.
Insure operational benefits to clients by working closely to identify their needs.
Continually recruit degreed individuals with broad based technological expertise. 
Retain consultants who remain abreast of emerging technologies.
Develop applications that interface with existing systems without interrupting business flow.
Implement innovative solutions that aid in managing growth through the institution of sound Information Technology processes.
Operate training programs which increase knowledge about various aspects of technology.
Adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards.
Success is experienced by linking our mission to realistic business strategies and achievable performance goals.