The docGen places design creativity in the hands of the user. You create the various elements necessary for the documents your company uses and store these elements as Microsoft Word files. If a document element requires case-specific information, you can insert merge fields into that element, then call that information from a database during the final document assembly process.

The docGen not only enables you to arrange the elements in the proper order, but also lets you include only those elements you need to create a specific document. More importantly, docGen provides you with the power to customize each document so that it includes the business rules and regulations that apply to a given situation.

 This tremendous flexibility derives from the two major elements of the docGen software:

The docAdmin, where you store business rules and regulations; and
The docWriter, where you assemble the final documents.

The Advantage of docGen


Stores business rules and regulations in one central easily accessible location.
Enables quick updating of business rules when conditions changes. Also makes them instantly available throughout your system.


Enables document creation based on the business rules and regulations applicable in each state.
Enables expedient assembly of individual documents.


Dramatically reduces the time necessary to create new contracts.
Offers the ability to enter new business information (rules and regulations) easily.
After changes are made, documents are automatically updated.


No more cutting and pasting.
Paragraph order remains constant from document to document.
Use of templates maintains language consistency between documents.

Ease of Use

Familiar, user-friendly Windows interface.
Point and click access to the document creation process.
Connects to any database including Sybase, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, etc.